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About Us

Mowami Business Solution (Pty) Ltd trading as Mowami Consulting, is a 100% female black owned consultancy company that offers business advisory, property and facilities management advisory services, asset maintenance and preservation products and services and bitumen products and services.

With the firms vast experience in a number of industries, our skilled consultants add value to organisations that require assistance in the creating of their business strategies.

Why Choose Us

At Mowami Consulting we are passionate about creating and building an organisation that will add immense value to our clients. Genuine passion and enthusiasm for what we do, coupled with our ability to respond and adapt swiftly to clients’ needs make us the consultancy of choice.

As consulting specialists, we are able to provide the most suitable business-related solutions for our clients’ requirements at all times. Our customized solutions

Keyless solution for asset management

Increase operational efficiency with our portfolio of cloud-based access control software and hardware solutions.

Real-time access control

Lower service costs and increase capacity and speed by issuing electronic keys, in real time, to provide access to critical infrastructure.

Identity management

No more anonymous access. Gain insights into who accessed your site, when they accessed it, and how long they were there.

Trusted access logs

Generate reliable access reports to understand both authorized accesses and unauthorized access attempts across sites.